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zkSwap offers the best in technology and innovation in decentralised trading. Using the blockchain industry-defined best practices, we have built an AMM where one can trade and earn passive income without foregoing the peace of mind.
Safe : We place the highest importance on safety and security of the user funds, whether it is the smart contracts we deploy or the project we choose for our launchpad.
Reliable: zkSwap offers equal opportunity to every user, irrespective of location, fund size or trading experience to maximise their gains using audited codes and intuitive front-end (UI).
Efficient: Maximising the advantages zkSync blockchain offers, zkSwap helps you to enjoy the highest possible gains for your crypto assets.

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Fixed Max Supply: Absence of inflation means steady price growth.

Low Trading Fees : Trade for as low as 0.25% trading fee.

Charts In-built: No need to use 3rd party charting services while trading

Experienced Team: The core team is experienced on running AMM

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The zkSwap Launchpad

zkSwap offers projects to utilise their launchpad for an successful launch on zkSync chain. Projects are chosen with extreme care and importance is placed on the project viability, safety and security of zkSwap users, audit of the code and KYC for the team.

The zkSwap Locker

Projects can utilise the infinitely customisable LP and token locker service of zkSwap against a tiny fee. The locker is fully capable of setting any unlocking date and pattern the project desires and can lock any type of tokens for any duration.

  • 88.75% rewards (minted over 2 years)
  • 4.9% presale
  • 3.35% initial liquidity
  • 3% marketing

1 CNL = 0.0863 BTC

The World’s 1st ICO Platform That Offers Rewards and The platform helps investors to make easy to purchase and sell their tokens

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Token Distribution

4.9% of the token from total supply was distributed to the Investors who joined presale

3.35% of the total supply was added as Initial Liquidity

3% of the total supply was allocated to the Partnerships (vested)

88.75% of the token was allocated to the Farm Rewards (minted over 24 months)


The tokenomics of zkSwap provide a very unique experience in which we offer a fixed Total Supply (TS) and yet offer forever sustainable yield farms. It genuinely is the MOST fair and balanced DEX ever created.

We have devised the perfect method in which our $ZKS token will mint out over the course of a 2 year time frame and through a 4% (to be able to use 5% slippage) tax, all of which is burnt instantly, the Circulating Supply (CS) will still not reach the Total Supply (TS).

The substantial gap between TS and CS will be calculated and allow for an automated new emission rate reset of the minting process to fulfill this gap in the next 2 years. This cycle will repeat every 2 years.


We are holding this presale just to kick-start the trading on zkSwap. The raise from the presale will be used to generate the needed liquidity on the zkSwap Dex to enable trading.

4.9% of the total $ZKS supply i.e. 490,000 $ZKS will be offered via this presale.

Read More about the Presale.
100% completed

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